Going the Extra Mile In Your Relationships


"Whoever forces you to go one mile, go with him two." - Matthew 5:41

Krystle S. Talley of The Christian Chameleon would say this means to go the extra mile to compromise, love, and give grace to your significant other. I think that is a great take on it.  The Bible might also call this bearing one another's burdens.

When it comes to dating as divorced people, one thing we have to be aware of is that the other person (especially if divorced, as well) has suffered unique harms and I believe we must be ready to overcompensate for them.

Let me give an example so you can personalize this. If he is dealing with abandonment issues, bear with him. Warning: This takes work!!!  Relationships are NOT for the selfish!   Do little things to show that you are loyal - even where you might think they are unnecessary gestures. Normally, these gestures would be overkill, but you're dealing with a man who may still need some healing in that area.  Likewise, if a woman has been the victim of years of verbal abuse or criticism, should not a man of God be intentional about building her up with his words? Of course!

(Side note: Nobody will be 100% healed when you enter into relationship with them. Neither will you be.  I don't believe it's possible this side of Heaven. We can let that fantasy die right here!)

If you are drawn to someone, consider that you may actually have been given a burden in the spirit for that person. And if you have a burden for somebody, bear with them and help them bear their burdens. You will need to do a little extra. Jesus might call this going the extra mile and I think it very much comes into play when dealing with people who've been bruised.

Consider this, too.  Must not everything we do or say minister grace in Christ?

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In the mean time, as you work this out, learn to be humble and strong enough to change. As we've talked about before, there's nothing wrong with giving a little ground to get along better.  It doesn't make you any less of a person nor any weaker of a person.  God bless!

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